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Michael Talbot

Salvation: Redux


Welcome, to a world of introspection and exploration, of understanding one's innermost self - or at the very least an attempt to.

Salvation: Redux highlights a Wanderer's journey as they seek an audience with the various authorities within, each in the form of these regal and highly decorated beasts. Each animal on display represents a different part of a person's psyche, the governing forces that ultimately determine who we are as individuals and how our thoughts and ideas may or may not express themselves to the outside world. Despite how hard we try to curate these expressions, the feeling that we are powerless and have no voice still steadily floods in and as a result we often find ourselves face to face with the unknown and the uncomfortable, begging for Salvation. But if only we realized these majestic and powerful beings we fear and revere so much, are merely small glimpses of our whole...

This body of work serves as an unoffical continuation and extension to Richard Nattoo's Salvation Exhibition Series: Salvation (2020), Salvation II (2021), and Salvation III (2022) which all took place in Jamaica.

A number of select pieces from this collection were also displayed as part of the Fragments of Fragility and Salvation Exhibition Showcase.

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The Parade Of The Wayward Wishes

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Parade Of The Wayward Wishes represents the constant tension between the parts of us that wishes to dream, while being pulled in another direction by the parts of us that yearn for stability and structure. Though in constant conflict, they will forever be interwoven and tangled together; however what determines if our dreams are realized is how well we're able to reign in our personal parades.


The Wanderer found themself in the depths of their own undoing; broken, defeated, and all but discarded. As he pondered his own insignificance, something began to happen... From the wreckage sprang new life, new purpose, new dreams; but any dream without a path or initiative, however many there may be, will only ever remain just that.

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As Above, So Below

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The Wanderer, having done their best to stay close to the line between Expression and Self-Restraint, is met by the great Temperance.

"Where should I go from here? Which is the correct path?"
"Whatever you decide to be true."

And with that, the Wanderer dove into the murky waters below, only to discover their ability to fly.

Gifts Of Virtue

There may be times when we feel like we have to fight for what we believe in; there are moments when we may feel burdened by this world's lack of morality. As a result, we grasp and grapple and try our best to latch on to even a sliver of whatever we can find, not realizing that often times all it takes is simply being calm and waiting with open arms for the delicate Gifts of Virtue.

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Tipping The Balance

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Having waited in the Balance for longer than they could remember, the Wanderer decided it was time to finally take action.

Let go. Get up. Take the first step.

The One Who Stayed

Inspired by the Regina Spektor song, "The One Who Stayed And The One Who Left."
The One Who Stayed highlights the parts within us that requires normalcy, comfort and living within the realm of what is known and loved. There are moments where we feel that we may not play a significant part in the grand scheme of things, or rather that could be the goal to NOT play a significant role and bring too much attention to oneself. There's something to being just "a drop in the bucket," and quite frankly these moments of realization are uncomfortable and often times scary. There is a fear of being lost in that whole, and so we go through those experiences holding on for dear life to the things we want to stay with.

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Regalia is a representation of our Ego's self-expression and how we as individuals dress up and put on a display for the world to see.

The Council

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The Wanderer found themself presenting their case yet again, and The Council listened keenly.
In the end, the Accordance, Indifference, and the Opposition all presented their judgement and for the first time ever there was unity. Unity, however, does not always mean clarity.

The Wanderer rejected The Council's judgement.

The Pursuit Of The Golden Bird

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As the Id and Superego were locked in a never-ending dance, the Wanderer looked on - horrified - as to what the outcome might be, wondering if this perpetual pursuit was worth the Regalia this process would beget.

Impede / Expound

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Impede / Expound represents the dichotomy between intrusive thoughts vs rational thought.
Impede depicts our Wanderer navigating a vast, ominous waterscape as they collect cherished memories in the form of these glowing golden orbs. The same way intrusive thoughts seem to come out of nowhere and dominate the mind is the same way this imposing, larger-than-life hippo impedes upon this Wanderer's task.
Expound, in contrast, conveys the idea of sitting down and actively thinking through a situation with careful consideration, as depicted with our Wanderer sitting in deep dialogue with the part of us that represents rational thought.

The One Who Left

Inspired by the Regina Spektor song, "The One Who Stayed And The One Who Left."
Similarly to The One Who Stayed, The One Who Left takes those same factors and points of anxiety and fear, but instead sees it as a pull and desire for adventure and exploration. The thrill of being part of that whole, of knowing that we may be such a small drop in the bucket of something so much bigger than ourselves, and wanting to experience it all with open arms and eager heart. So instead of staying within the confines of what is already established, we leave and head out to the only place we might find true comfort... into the thrill of the unknown.

- SOLD -

The Matriarch

There is a delicate balance between being feared and being respected, and on the outside they often look the same. The Matriarch symbolizes our capacity to command respect from others, but how we go about this will ultimately determine the type of leader we become.

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Contemplating The Sublime

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As the Wanderer approached the vast, rugged shoreline, something began to stir within them. A gentle breeze and a low hum welcomed them, beconning to come closer. It was then that the Wanderer saw the gentle giant and the depths of their Growth.

They stopped for a moment, contemplating the sublime.


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Within the darkness the Wanderer came face to face with a familiar presence, but they were not scared. They had avoided this moment for so long but their journey thus far had prepared them adequately.

As they peered into the eyes that seem to strip away the Ego, they saw themself for who they are, who they were, who they wished to be, and who they ultimately will be. For the first time in a long while, the Wanderer did not feel threatened, and they did not run.

The Wanderer continued on.


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Having a better sense of self often opens one's eyes to the wonders of the world around them.

His Imperial Majesty

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The Wanderer finally arrived at their innermost court eager for answers... for direction.
Having learned from their previous encounters, they approached cautiously, keen to show The Ideal Self the reverence they felt it deserved. His Imperial Majesty looked on and smiled, perched atop and head held high, He said in the softest of voices:

"Even now Wanderer, your eyes are affixed onto the Ideal, completely shielding you of my presence. Yet, my purpose isn't to tell you you've been wrong all along, but rather to help shift your focus to what matters."

And with that, The Wanderer finally understood, and paid respects to their innermost authority, Existence itself.

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