Works by
Michael Talbot

Michael Talbot
IG - @talbotsart

Michael Talbot is a Jamaican-born, Boston-based Freelance Artist and Visual Story-teller who has worked on a wide range of projects, murals, exhibitions, and showcases since 2012. His work, often narrative-driven, is most characterized by the keen use of motion, negative space, as well as a limited palette reminiscent of graphic novels and other forms of sequential art.

Michael believes that all art is inter-connected in some facet; informing, complimenting and/or enhancing each other. And although his passion and interest for storytelling is forefront in his practice and craft, he tends to draw from his knowledge in as many areas of study as possible to help strengthen this process. Whenever possible, he uses his rich cultural background from his early life in Jamaica to infuse, improve, and “season” whatever project he tackles, often mixing both digital and traditional media.

“I don’t see myself as anything more than the typical artist who enjoys his craft and seeks to make an impact on someone’s life. With all that is going on in the world, I acknowledge that it is necessary to have a chorus of voices bringing light to what is important and what us as a people will always need: unity, justice, and love. However as a visual artist, my desire is to be the voice that soothes, inspires, and motivates others to ponder their individual wonders of life. Through my art, I seek to be the light that helps others to look forward and look beyond what isn’t going right at the moment — to provide some solace in a state of unrest, leaving everyone who sees it hanging in the balance of reality and wonder.”