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Michael Talbot

'Homage' Postcard Giveaway

With the completion of each subsequent Homage Series, a set of postcards donning the newly created designs will be made available to the public to send to anyone you may want to pay homage to, free of charge. There is no restriction as to to who, or where in the world the postcard is being sent to, just as long as a valid name and mailing address is provided. The catch is, you cannot request a postcard for yourself, only for someone else.

If you are interested in participating, the rules are simple:

1 - Email, text or message Michael directly, providing a name and mailing address of someone you wish to receive a postcard. THIS CANNOT BE YOURSELF!!! No exceptions.
2 - You may request cards for multiple recipients (one each), but not multiple cards to a single recipient. Depending on avaialability and what's currently in stock, the number of requests per individual may vary.
3 - If you participated in the postcard giveaway previously, you're more than welcome to do so again pending availability of remaining postcards.

Postcards will not be reprinted or restocked once the initial amount has run out, so get them while supplies last!

  • Homage pt1 message
  • Homage pt1 - Sea Dragon
  • Homage pt1 - Leatherback Sea Turtle
  • Homage pt1 - Portuguese Man-o-war
  • Homage pt1 - Spiny Lobster
  • Homage pt1 - Sailfish
  • Homage pt1 - Koi Fish
  • Homage pt1 - Foxes
  • Homage pt1 - Harpy Eagle
  • Homage pt1 - Lilies
  • Homage pt1 - Torch Gigner
  • Homage pt1 - Sunflower
  • Homage pt1 - Parrot Tulip
  • Homage pt1 - Bird of Paradise
  • Homage pt1 - Wisterias
  • Homage pt1 - Spider Lily
  • Homage pt1 - Dandelion

Homage pt.1

Michael Talbot x Richard Nattoo

No longer available

  • Homage pt2 spooky message
  • Homage pt2 - Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Homage pt2 - Frankenstein
  • Homage pt2 - Phantom of the Opera
  • Homage pt2 - The Bride of Frankenstein
  • Homage pt2 - Invisible Man
  • Homage pt2 - The Mummy
  • Homage pt2 - Wolfman
  • Homage pt2 - Dracula

Homage pt.2

Michael Talbot x Kaz Oomori

No longer available

Originals Available for Purchase